Software Development

& Project Rescue

We're a scrappy team of expert developers offering big agency results without the "arm and a leg".

Big Agency Results, Without the Arm & Leg

Everyone at Diode is an engineer. Everyone works on client projects. We don't have fancy retail-level office space.

Just because we're lean, doesn't mean we skimp.

Our team has been shipping software for years. We've helped build products for clients ranging from the garage startup to the Fortune 50 giants.

We build quality software without layers of overhead. We love to mentor existing teams to increase efficiency. And if you're in over your head, we've been known to rescue a project or two.

Experts in the brand new & tried and true

Depending on the project we’re fans of Postgres, Mongo, Ruby on Rails, Node, React, Angular, Backbone and D3.

We believe in code review, BDD/TDD, and the fact that software is written for and by humans.

We know data visualization, geo spatial, big data, service oriented architecture and how to integrate with third-party APIs. Heck, if you want, we can build your third-party API.

Beyond being proficient in any particular framework or service, we offer discretion. We know how to choose the right tool for the task, avoiding wasted resources.

Let's start building